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Is it possible to make consistent income in Options Trading?
Confused whether to do
Options buying or Options Selling?
Stock options or Index Options?
Learn how to Trade in options without complex techniques

What will you learn in this 3 Hours?

Added Bonus With this workshop:

Know Your Option Master - Shankar Kulkarni

Hi I am Shankar Kulkarni, India’s First Financial Confidence Coach.I am on a mission to help 1 Lakh people become financially confident by 2025. After failing in pursuing my dream of becoming a full time musician, I went on to help other individuals to get financially confident.After working with numerous successful trading companies for more than 10 years, I am now on a journey of sharing my best kept secrets through a 3 hour workshop on options trading

Who can JOIN?

If you are looking for a consistent income in stock trading without being glued to the screen

If you are beginner and want to learn the basics of trading

If you want to learn the Options Strategy with protection

If you want to scale your profits using compounding

If you want to learn how to place orders like a PRO

Do Options Trading Right - The 'Systematic Way'!

By the END of this 3 Hours Workshop you will

This Includes


Do's and Don't's of Options Trading

3 Hours of Workshop + QnA

1 Support Call after the LIVE workshop

We encourage you to learn the best you can about options trading in this workshop. In lieu of this, we do not however allow recording or replay. We hope you have a pleasant experience with us

Journey of 10,000+ Traders to Trader Zone and to Trading Profitably

"Helping You Take Control Of Your Financial Situation & Growth is My Ultimate Goal" - Shankar Kulkarni, Financial Confidence Coach

Learn a Options Trading Skill that you can profit from for a lifetime..


FAQ(Frequently Ask Questions)

I am a beginner. Can I join?

You must. Because we will orient you to Trading Success. With the Profit Triangle framework, you will be able to succeed. However, we won’t be covering much on what is a moving average, what is a super trend, we might cover how to use Super Trend… But we will tell you the best resources to study…

English or Hindi?

It will be in English

What is the content?

We cover Profit Triangle for Trading Success, which is a combination of Psychology, Risk Management and Strategy plus the secret element that makes more money than you thought will.

Can I ask questions?

Yes, you can ask them during the live sessions or within the videos being shared with you.

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