Are you a beginner who is interested in stock trading but don’t know where to start?

Or is the volatility in the stock market holding you back from being a confident trader?

Well, a finance background is not what makes a good trader,
but a passion to learn will sure teach you how to trade with consistent profits.
Invest 55 mins everyday for 5 days and experience the Transformation.

In these five days, you will

Change your Belief about Money, Stock Market and Investment

The best way to learn stock trading is to leave your assumption on Financial Success and start from scratch. Once you know the techniques , financial success in stock trading would be easier to achieve.

Learn the Tricks of the Trade

Stock Trading is all about knowing the right tricks. This will ensure that you invest not only in a way that gets you profit in a short term but also consistently achieve higher gains.  

Build a Trading business

Yes, you heard that correctly! Trading in the stock market is a business and with the right roadmap and mindset training, you will be a profitable Stock trader.

Stop Thinking and Start Trading

Learn the 5 easy step profit pyramid which would give you the right push needed to trade efficiently and not overthink the process.

5 Star Rated

By thousands of attendees


Successful stock traders

11 Hours

High Value Content


Access to community

“Shankar’s teaching is very practical oriented and teaches techniques which are backtested, result oriented with higher probabilities of winning. It was an insightful weekend session and helped to gain more clarity. Would recommend others to learn from this genius”
-Brayan D’Souza
A Successful Trader 

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5 Days – 5 ways to make you a Successful Trader


Kick Off Call + Tuning your Frequency for Profits.


Intro to 9 STEP Profit System, Entry Exit Tool for Profits


Fine Tuning the System with the Winning Strategies


How to Thrive not just Survive + Special AV Technique


Road Ahead, Complete Plan to make your money work very hard.

Bonuses include

Don't miss this golden opportunity to become a Genius Trader

see the prices of stock you own increase

Bonus 1 : Risk Management Calculator

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Bonus 2 : Stock Selection Scanner 

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Bonus 3 : Entry Exit Break Out Tool

(Value Rs. 997)

Bonus 4 : BackTesting Reports

(Value Rs.497)

Bonus 5 : Beginner’s Guide

 (Value Rs.997)

Bonus 6 : Stock Market Score

(Value Rs.947)

Bonus 7 : Swing Trading Strategy

 (Value Rs.1997)

Bonus 8 : Trading Journal Template

 (Value Rs.997)

Bonus 9 : Financial Confidence

  (Value Rs.997)

Bonus 10 : MMM Workbook

 (Value Rs.997)

Bonus 11: Effective Intraday System

 (Value Rs.997)

Bonus 12: 5 Star Technical SetUp

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If you are passionate about stock trading… and want to earn consistent profit

If you want to achieve Financial Freedom, doing the thing that you love.

If you want to stop being an overthinker and become an action taker

If you want to find meaning and see the prices of stock rise

Hi, I am Shankar Kulkarni, India’s First Financial Confidence Coach.I am on a mission to help 1 Lakh people become financially confident by 2025. After failing in pursuing my dream of becoming a full time musician, I went on to help other individuals to get financially confident.After working with numerous successful trading companies for more than 10 years, I am now on a journey of sharing my best kept secrets.

When I came to bangalore after my Engineering, there were days when I skipped my break fast to directly have lunch to save some money to now where I am financially free. I am now on a mission to help people become financially free using my simple yet effective methods to trading and investing.

Experiences of people who enrolled

What Happens After I complete the 5 Day Masterclass?

You get invited to my private whatsapp group of energetic and profit making stock traders. People of all age groups have taken this masterclass. And they are reaping the benefits in real life.
Besides, everyone is super-helpful. You get included in a community of passionate people who are ready to change their lives and of those around them.

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the frequently asked questions.(FAQ)

You must. Because we will orient you to Trading Success. With the Profit Triangle framework, you will be able to succeed.

However, we won’t be covering much on what is a moving average, what is a super trend, we might cover how to use Super Trend…

But we will tell you the best resources to study…

It will be in English

We cover Profit Triangle for Trading Success, which is a combination of Psychology, Risk Management and Strategy plus the secret element that makes more money than you thought will.

Yes, you can ask them during the live sessions or within the videos being shared with you.

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